Trying to decorate your apartment according to your style may get you in trouble with your landlord — and your bank account. Most times, rental restrictions tend to make renovating a rental a difficult thing to do.

So, before you begin decorating, ensure you go over your apartment lease again. It also doesn’t hurt to confirm what renovations are allowed with your landlord. This is so you don’t encounter any problems along the way.

That being said, you may be wondering what kind of renovation ideas are safe to use. Well, that’s what we’re here for!

Try out these cheap landlord-friendly apartment renovation ideas if you want to make your apartment truly feel like home.


Get Your Landlord’s Approval First

First things first, it’s advisable to get your landlord’s full approval before you begin renovations. Try out these tips:

  • As stated earlier, read through your lease and know what you’re allowed to do.
  • Your landlord is a business person who wants their property to increase in value. They’re most likely to approve upgrades that give them an upper hand in the rental market.
  • Try to present apartment renovation ideas that won’t negatively impact their chances of attracting future tenants.
  • Negotiate when you want renovations that aren’t explicitly allowed by the lease. It’s best to do this during lease renewal. Offering to pay for these renovations yourself is a great start.
  • Write down your desired renovation ideas in a list before going to your landlord. That way, you will know exactly what you want to discuss and can provide your landlord with a written list as well.

Apartment Renovation Ideas

1. Removable wallpaper or washi tape


With removable wallpaper, you can decorate any part of your apartment. Choose colors you feel match your style, then go wild! There are even removable wallpapers you can paint. Washi tape also makes for an aesthetic apartment renovation. It comes in different colors and patterns.

The best part about temporary peel-and-stick options like washi tape and removable wallpaper is you can cover up ugly walls and surfaces. In cases where your landlord won’t allow you to paint, these serve as better alternatives.

2. Install floating shelves


There’s no need to fret if your apartment doesn’t have enough shelf space — you can create more. Floating shelves will help you store important items and even decorative objects like flower pots.

Here’s an amazing fact about floating shelves: you won’t have to make holes in your apartment walls to install them.

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3. Use space-saving items


This is great for a small apartment makeover. With this, you’ll be remodeling your place and creating space at the same time. Get dual-purpose furniture or furniture with hidden storage. You’ll find a ton of duel-storage furniture on IKEA’s website.

Using over-the-door shelving or pullout shelves is an excellent space-saving apartment remodel idea.

4. Install new curtains or window shades


Are you tired of looking at the cheap curtains or blinds in your apartment? Well, you can hang up new, colorful ones that won’t block light or reduce space.

To avoid drilling holes in your walls, use heavy-duty command hooks to hold the rods. Or use tension rods.

5. Go green with plants


Plants will give a unique feel to your apartment renovation. You can make a plant wall in your living room or bedroom.

If you have a patio or balcony, using plants as decorations is also worth trying. Remember, it’s your space; be as creative as possible.

6. Upgrade your tiles


Many landlords won’t appreciate you replacing your apartment floor tiles. But, hey, you can cover up old-looking tiles using tile stickers. They’re cheap and come in different colors and designs. Plus, they are easy to remove when you move out.

7. Rugs to cover ugly flooring


The easiest way to cover up ugly floors in your apartment is to use rugs or carpets. They are an easy way to transport the look and feel of your space. Rugs are very suitable for a small apartment makeover, too.

8. Wall art



Get creative and show your artistic side by hanging up some art on your walls. You can create a gallery wall using personal pictures or any valuable piece of art you own.

9. Re-paint


If your landlord doesn’t have a problem with you painting the walls, then why not? You may be restricted to certain colors, but you can paint any color you want in some cases. The catch generally, however, is you have to paint the walls back to the original color when moving out.

10. Replace the toilet seat


Some people say that home is where you trust the toilet seat. Replace your old toilet seat with a fresh new one and make your toilet feel more like home.

11. Mirrors


Using mirrors is a great small apartment renovation idea. Mirrors reflect light and make a small space look bigger. Position your mirror where it reflects the most light, and you’ll be good to go. You can also find affordable mirrors on websites like Amazon and Wayfair.

12. Swap apartment furniture


Quality furniture makes all the difference for an apartment renovation. Opt for lightweight furniture pieces like garden stools that are easier to move around.

Most original furniture pieces aren’t cheap. If you can’t afford to spend too much on them, you can try checking flea markets or secondhand stores. They may not be exactly brand new but may still be better than the ones present in your apartment.

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13. Replace the faucets


You can replace your shower or sink faucets if they’re old or no longer in optimum condition. You’ll have to check with your landlord before doing this, however, as most landlords would consider this beyond the scope of your authority as a tenant.

If you’re given the go, then you can install more functional and aesthetically appealing faucets.

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