Recently, more and more people have begun to work from home or venture into freelancing as their primary source of income. In turn, the idea of being a digital nomad in today’s digital world is becoming a reality for many. And that means sampling life in other cities and countries! Who would have thought that working remotely while traveling is possible, huh?

Before we cover the best cities for digital nomads, make sure you know the basics you’ll need to make this awesome lifestyle work for you.

What you need if you’re working remotely while traveling

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Good health care

Being a digital nomad, these three are non-negotiable! For one, it’d be challenging to work in an area with an unstable internet connection. Plus, a part of working as a digital nomad is knowing how to budget correctly, so make sure to stay at a decent and affordable place. Lastly, never skip on good health care! With all these considered, here are the 10 best cities for digital nomads.

10 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Image: Lisbon, Portugal

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Thinking of going to Europe to live your life as a digital nomad? Lisbon is the place to be! With a relatively low cost and high quality of living, working remotely in Lisbon is ideal. Their beautiful beaches are within a short drive, plus public transport is easy! And when you close your laptop for the day, you’ll find the nightlife is as lively and vibrant as the city.

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2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Known for its many co-working spaces and affordable accommodation, Chiang Mai is one of Asia’s best cities for digital nomads. Living in Thailand exposes you to mother nature, beautiful landscapes, and cultural and historic scenery! If you’re looking to practice meditation, work on your spirituality, and discover more about the sacred wisdom of Buddhism, Chiang Mai can give you that.

The place is perfect for solo travelers, as working remotely while traveling is convenient here. You get fast internet and enough cool coffee shops to work in.

  • Internet speed: 30mbps
  • Average Cost of Living: 536.90$
  • Visa: No visa required if staying for less than 30 days
  • Useful apps: Tuk

3. Tenerife, Spain

Island life for a digital nomad is possible in Tenerife. With a crowd of tourists and nomads, the community in Tenerife is constantly growing. It also has the best weather in Europe! Mostly sunny with a spring feel, balancing work and leisure on the island is easy. You can even get into watersports!

Accessing Wi-Fi around Tenerife is simple, with their streets and public areas offering free public Wi-Fi. There are also a lot of co-working spaces you could go to!

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Called the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires has everything a digital nomad could ask for! Reliable internet connection, good food, buzzing nightlife, and even a convenient metro system, Buenos Aires is a fantastic city. Socializing is easy, and the food is excellent – what more do you need? Don’t forget the city’s minimal cost of living! Buenos Aires is definitely one of the best digital nomad destinations.

5. Madrid, Spain

Image: Madrid, Spain

With an average internet speed of 34mbps, working remotely while traveling around Madrid is easy! As a big city, Madrid has plenty of pueblos (towns) to live in, amazing food, and buzzing nightlife. More than that, as one of the best cities for digital nomads, Madrid has a friendly community. There are a lot of parks you can visit (or work in!) and you can go on a day trip to the city’s many landmarks when you have some spare time.

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6. Austin, United States

Known as “Silicon Hills,” Austin is a duplicate of Silicon Valley with a countryside theme. Home to tech startups and hip neighborhoods, working as a digital nomad in the city is great, especially if you’re into music and art! There are many museums, live concerts, and bars with live performances all around Texas. Check out some of the best things to do in Austin while you’re at it!

  • Internet speed: 77mbps
  • Average Cost of Living: 2,195.85$
  • Visa: Tourist visa
  • Useful apps: CapMetro

7. Krakow, Poland

Living in Krakow, Poland, with an internet speed of 43mbps, is a dream for digital nomads. Not to mention, the city has one of the lower costs of living in Europe with an exceptional quality of life! (Plus, it’s extremely safe for solo female nomads!) You wouldn’t have to worry about work since there are WiFi hotspots scattered around the city and many cafes you can work from.

8. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia, has a relatively high cost of living paired with a high quality of life. It’s an eccentric city known for being one of the most livable cities in the world that is famous for its art and culture. Not only that, the public transport in Melbourne is highly convenient! They even have a free-of-charge tram route (35 City Circle) that covers most of the city’s attractions.

Melbourne’s also known for its great student atmosphere, which is great for digital nomads. Being surrounded by all that youthful productivity is beneficial for you too!

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9. Mexico City, Mexico

When working remotely while traveling in North America, Mexico City should be high on your list! The city is filled with mind-blowing food and epic nightlife! Taking a break from work and roaming the streets of Mexico is what being a nomad is all about.

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10. San Diego, CA

One of the best cities for digital nomads is San Diego in California. Although in its early days, the digital nomad’s community in the city is expanding. Working remotely in San Diego is made possible thanks to emerging co-working spaces and cozy coffee shops. During your downtime, turn to some natural spots in the city.

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Image: Magnetic Island, Australia

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