How Many Roommates is Too Many?

Affording an apartment in any city on your own may seem quite challenging. In such a case, you simply need to consider moving in with a roommate or roommates who will help you with paying the rent. This is a smart way that many people use to subsidize the cost of living in the fast paced and expensive cities. Sharing financial responsibility with roommates would greatly help cut down your expenses thus providing relief that you need the most to live comfortably.

In order to find the right roommate, you need to take your time to search for a perfect match of what exactly you want by interviewing several potential roommates before moving in together to determine whether the arrangement would work.

The internet has become the most ideal place to find numerous roommates who also have the intention to share financial responsibilities with like-minded individuals so as to afford the lucrative apartments in the city. Roomiapp is an example of such apps that has helped many people in finding compatible roommates they live to live with.

However, the question many people ask is what the ideal number of roommates is. While some prefer one, others prefer two or even more. Here some advantages and draw backs of having one, two or three roommates.

One roommate

Well, with one roommate, it may seem like prime real estate because you will be dealing with an individual whom you think shares the same interests as yours- until you have your first disagreement. Dealing with a single roommate is all fun when you agree in a number of things, however, this arrangement has its setbacks as well.

It is good that you will talk over issues and agree on the modality of stay but you must watch out for that idiot roommate who will otherwise ruin your bachelor/ bachelorette life. Just think of a time when your only roommate is out; who will be your pregame buddy? Or what if that single roommate is a jerk, whom will you lean on?

Two roommates

Two roommates sound as good idea since you will have someone to talk to when you have issues with the other. Besides, it is good to have a roommate that will help break the silence between the two of you that have fallen out with each other.

The problem with this kind of arrangement is realized when you need to exercise more power and authority on the two who might like each other more than they like you- many people have this kind of insecurity. When the arrangement is organized properly based on certain agreements then it is bound to go really well with you. You only need to work your way out to establish dominance from the onset of the arrangement so that both of them like and want to hang out with you more. Don’t ever allow the other two roommates to become besties leaving you out because sooner, they will start talking shit about you.

Three roommates

According to many people, this is the best arrangement because there is always middle ground. While two may decide to become quite close leaving you out, you will have one to lean on. Life becomes hell when you stay with a single individual or two and you experience some issues amongst yourselves. However, with three, you will easily balance out.

The problem with three roommates comes in as the house becomes more crowded and privacy is no longer there.

Having roommates is a good idea from the perspective of sharing bills in your ideal city apartment; however, you need to be keen with the choice you make. Until you are have an apartment on your own, here’s what to expect with a number of roomies.