The microwave oven is a truly magical appliance that can both heat up and make food. Especially the Netflix binge-er’s best friend – POPCORN – in a minute! They are super useful and deserve the same love they offer to us. On this Microwave Oven Day, shower your appliance with affection with these microwave cleaning hacks. Ever heard of the lemon microwave cleaning hack? Or just looking for a chemical-free microwave cleaning hack? We got you!

Have you ever wondered how microwave ovens were invented?

Well, like all great things, the invention of the microwave was an accident and not an intention!

Raytheon engineer Henry Spencer was busy testing a military-grade magnetron when he suddenly realized that the snack in his pocket had melted.

If you’re wondering what a radar magnetron is – it’s a sort of electric whistle that, instead of creating sound, creates vibrating electromagnetic waves (the ones that make TVs, radios, and microwave ovens work).

One day at work in 1946, as he was testing one of his magnetrons, the peanut cluster bar in his pocket (that he used to feed squirrels every day) had completely melted. And as Spencer said, “It was a gooey, sticky mess.”

And speaking of gooey, sticky messes, our microwave ovens do get messy from time to time. From spilled milk to greasy food shavings stuck on the microwave oven’s plate, we all tell ourselves we’ll get back to cleaning it later.

But now, as microwave oven day comes and goes, let’s learn how to take better care of our microwave oven without putting in much effort!

YES, there’s an entire day dedicated to honoring the microwave oven and how it’s changed the way we cook!

1. Cleaning your microwave oven from the inside out

There are a number of cleaning hacks to get the job done. So to make it easier, we’re listing some of our favorite tips here.

  • Sauna bath: Take a bunch of thick tissues, dip them in a bowl of water to make them damp and then place them inside the microwave. Then simply turn your microwave oven on. Think of it like giving your microwave a hot sauna bath! Once you do this, all the grimy, greasy and stubborn food droppings will become loose and be ready to be wiped away!
  • Baking soda mask: If your food droppings are stubborn enough to withstand the sauna bath cleaning hack, don’t fret. Simply mix 2 teaspoons baking soda with one teaspoon water and apply the paste to the stubborn food droppings stuck to your microwave oven. Let it sit for a little while and wipe it clean!
  • Beautifully clean inside out: When the insides are done, wipe down your greasy microwave oven window and door with a wet washcloth. If the dirt is stubborn, use a mixture of vinegar and water to make them sparkly clean so you can peep inside while your food is getting ready.

2. Is something burning?

If you’re still learning how to cook, you might be burning more food than actually making it. It’s also natural for particles of burnt food to stick itself to the inside of your microwave.

  • To delete the history of your midnight cravings, leave the microwave oven door open overnight and let it air out.
  • For stubborn smells, leave a bowl of baking soda inside the microwave. It will help absorb any nasty smells.

There is a chemical-free microwave cleaning hack you can try as well.

If you want a fresh smell coming from the microwave, give it a citrus makeover!

  • The lemon microwave cleaning hack is a trade secret.
  • Combine one cup of water with a freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice in a microwave-friendly bowl.
  • Place it inside your microwave oven and let the mix boil and steam up.
  • Let it cool for a little while and voila! The lemon microwave cleaning hack is officially your savior.

3. Additional tips to take care of your microwave

Cleaning hacks are one thing, but when it comes to our beloved microwave oven, we want it to last long and stay in good shape so it can keep you company on lazy days. So here are some everyday maintenance tips to keep your microwave as good as new:

  • Always check the labels on your containers to see whether they’re microwave safe before you put them inside.
  • Don’t put aluminum foil, metal or dishware with gold or silver rims inside.
  • Never slam your microwave door shut as it can damage the door or even fuse the light of your microwave.
  • If your microwave sits on a shelf in your kitchen, make sure to keep the area clean and tidy, and with good air circulation.
  • Keep your microwave oven unplugged when not in use to protect it from power surges.
  • Know when to call for professional help!

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