What if I don’t like my roommate? Or, what if they’re loud and never wash the dishes? What if I’m allergic to their cats? These are only a few of the many questions that you’ll find yourself wondering about in the search for the perfect roommate. After all, if you are sharing your space with someone else, shouldn’t you get along? We know how nerve-wracking it can be in a big, new city with no one around to share your living space. That’s why you’re here reading this. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pricing plans and security protocols of the roommate finder app, Roomi, and how it compares to Roomaters.

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Pricing: Are These Roommate Finder Apps Free or Paid?

As if the moving-in process wasn’t stressful enough, now you have to navigate roommate finder platforms? Is it going to cost anything?

Roomaters is free to use and download from the App Store or Playstore. While the app claims to be free to use, you might find some of its premium features hidden behind a paywall.

Meanwhile, you can use Roomi for free and get up to 5 messages/swipes daily and post or activate 2 listings! Moreover, you can download the roommate finder app for free on all Android and iOS devices.

Now, let’s take a look at Roomi’s subscription plans if you’re looking for some sprinkles on top – in other words, a few extra features!

With Roomi’s roommate finder Gold subscription, you can:

  • Access to unlimited messages with potential roomies. (On mobile, you also get unlimited swipes!)
  • A Fully Verified status upgrade which gets you 5x more messages.
  • A ranking boost for 7x more views on your profile and listings.
  • 5 active listings to post all the empty rooms in your apartment.
  • Free bookings to save over $100 on safe money transfer between you and your new Roomi.

The Gold subscription can be paid monthly or weekly. Monthly payments start at $29.99 or $0.97 per day – cheaper than your daily cup of coffee!

For other tailored pricing plans offered by Roomi, head on over to the roommate finder’s support page.

Security: Can These Apps Help Me Find Roommates I Can Trust?

We’re living our lives online now, and with working from home, there’s barely any time to go on a coffee date to make sure you’ll be living with a roomi you can trust. Instead, hand over the reins to Roomi! Why are safe roomies important? Well, because you’ll be sharing your private living space. Whether you’re roomie-hunting to find a new friend or just to save money, you’ll want to make sure you’re shacking up with a safe roomie for your own peace-of-mind.

So, what’s the best way to find a roommate? Let’s start by surfing through the roommate finder checklist for a safe roomie!

Verifiable Roommate Contact Info

If we’ve learned anything from Instagram, it’s that the blue tick means verified and safe. Guess what? Roomi verifies user profiles too! Roomi uses a GlobaliD to verify user profiles. What does it mean and how does it work? GlobaliD is essentially a digital ID that grants you the verified status website-wide, and attracts roommates with similar status!

However, Roomaters has no such process. According to Roomaters reviews on Playstore, some users are complaining about the lack of verified addresses/profiles and false leads.

ID Verification

Roomi has created a set of photo requirements as to not only ensure safety protocols but also to make sure everyone follows the same rules. Profile photos should be face-shots that show your entire face and not just part of it. This way, you can see that the person is real and avoid scams! On the other hand, many users have a common complaint in their Roomaters review – that they are unable to fill in their own details and that the roommate finder app takes too long to load.

In summary, Roomi is a powerful Roomaters alternative, where you can get your own Fully Verified status and view other profiles that have the same badge! Don’t worry if you’re on the free plan though. Even without a subscription, Roomi has various levels of verification available for everyone.

Privacy & Security of Profiles

Roomi is proud to offer its users secure in-app messaging as well as a promise to keep their contact and credit card information safe. Moreover, as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can request to have your data deleted if you’ve found your roommate! Just shoot a quick email to Roomi support and we’ll delete your information from the database.

However, as per Roomaters’s privacy policy, they detail that your personal information may be shared and disclosed to business partners, merchants, and their service providers.

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24/7 Support & Content Moderation

The Roomi team has dedicated content moderators to check the listings on our platform. We want our users to feel safe when using Roomi, so we make sure that the rooms listed are legitimate. On the other hand, according to the customers’ Roomaters review, the content is not moderated and some listings have been found to be fake.

Criminal Background Check

On Roomi you can submit your own profile for a background check to verify your profile and listings further— this will help you secure more credible roommates you can trust! However, Roomaters does not offer the same feature.

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User Profiles: Which App Makes It Easier to Find Your Perfect Roommate?

Firstly, Roomaters only allows browsing through their app, and their website is limited in content and information. This can be stressful for users because they do not have all the information they need before downloading the Roomaters app. On the other, the Roomaters alternative, Roomi, is an all-in-one room finder with a robust website and clear buttons for navigation. Both Roomi website and app provide enough detail for the users to understand the platform and the features.

Roomaters features a special personality test administered by a psychologist as the best way to find a roommate. While these quizzes are fun and lively, the filter options, therefore, are limited because the roommate finder relies on their own quizzes rather than users’ specific filters.

The Roomaters alternative, Roomi, features more specific options such as filtering by neighborhood in the city, preferences, and when the user was last active!

So, what if you’re looking for a specific age, can you Find Senior Roommates? On Roomi, absolutely! However, on Roomaters, one review in particular highlights the “ageist” nature of the roommate finder platform, in targeting a predominantly younger demographic. The Roomaters alternative roommate finder, Roomi, does not discriminate on the basis of any identity markers – find your perfect roommate match, no matter your preferences!

So, Which is the Best Roommate Finder for You?

We at Roomi know that if you don’t have a great roommate, your experience of living in a new city can be ruined. That’s why we provide easy access to information on roommates and verification procedures for profiles. We also keep our membership plans affordable! Look no further – the roommate finder of your dreams is here!

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!