Buffalo is the second-largest city in the New York state and the largest city in Western New York. It is a major commercial hub and gateway to Canada. Its early adoption of electric power led to the nickname “The City of Light.” Buffalo’s economy is majorly constituted of the service industries, healthcare, research, and higher education. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY then read on to know more!

Getting to know Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo area was inhabited before the 17th century by the Native Americans of the Iroquois tribe and later by French colonizers. Some say its name came from the French calling it “Beau Fleuve” which is French “Beautiful River.” Others argue that the name came from the American Buffalo that may have roamed the area in the past. Buffalo is famous for its winters and has four distinct seasons. Spring is usually cool and rainy while summer and autumn are warm and pleasant.

Finding rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is divided into 31 neighborhoods and a diverse collection of buildings. Some of the most prominent neighborhoods are near the downtown area. Buffalo and its suburbs have been redeveloping neighborhoods and districts since the early 2000s to attract businesses and residents. These can be a great option if you are looking for rooms for rent in NYC or NYC studio apartments.

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Top neighborhoods in Buffalo, NY

There are many options to suit you whether it is a home in the suburb or rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY. With most neighborhoods having a rich culture of their own, you will always have something unique. Neighborhoods are usually close-knit with an identity of their own. and These are a few of the places to consider if you are finding a room for rent in Buffalo NY.

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  • West Side: An up-and-coming area and cultural epicenter of the Hispanic community, it offers residents an urban-suburban mix to live in. It’s a great place for young professionals and families to find apartments for rent in NYC.
  • Elmwood Village: Once home to Buffalo State College students, it has now evolved beyond just that. Home to Elmwood Avenue, it has many quirky fashion boutiques and gift shops. Elmwood is a bustling and vibrant neighborhood to consider if you are looking for rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY.
  • East Side: Eastside has an unfortunate reputation for being drug and crime-infested. This is not all true, and this district offers a jaw-dropping sight of huge, ornate churches from the 19th-century. With a rich history, it is definitely a neighborhood to consider if looking for rooms for rent in NYC.

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Average rent in Buffalo, NY

Rooms for Rent in BuffaloAverage Price
Studio Apartment in Buffalo$1,952
1 Bedroom Apartment in Buffalo$1,768
2 Bedroom Apartment in Buffalo$2,864
3 Bedroom Apartment in Buffalo$3,606

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University life in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY can be a great place to study if you enjoy dynamic and diverse city life. Buffalo has great options for higher education or research. While not the cheapest, you can find on-campus accommodation or studio apartments for rent NYC. Here are the average living costs in Buffalo, NY.

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Particulars Average Cost Per Month
Rent$3,089.42/ month
Travelling$127/ month
Food$3,477/ month
Utilities$63.59/ month
Health Insurance$100/ month

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Here are some of the best Universities in Buffalo, NY.

How transit friendly is Buffalo, NY?

The downtown areas of Buffalo can be easy to navigate on foot. However, if your commute is longer or you are living away from Downtown, you will need to look to public transportation. Here are your options to get around the city.

1. Metro in Buffalo, NY

The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) operates public transportation in the city. They run a single-line light Metro Rail that connects the major nodes of the city. Metro Rail is a great option for students and residents who live in the north of the city, to commute downtown.

2. Buses in Buffalo, NY

Buses are also an easy way to get around the city and access places that do not fall into the metro’s line. Generally, rides on a single bus or light rail vehicle now cost $2.00 regardless of length. You can get up-to-date information and routes on the NFTA website. It can be useful to check the availability of busses while searching for rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY.

3. Taxis in Buffalo, NY

Taxis can generally be dispatched quickly and with ease in Buffalo. However, it can be hard to hail a cab in areas that are more out of the way. They are easily available at the Metropolitan Transportation Center, hotels and universities. Uber and Lyft are also great alternatives to get around the city. The average fares for taxis are as follows.

  • Minimum metered fare is $2.50, which increases 50 cents every fifth of a mile or every minute, depending on how fast you’re traveling.
  • All taxis accept cash and credit, debit and prepaid cards.
  • Tip 15–20 percent at the end of a trip; bridge and tunnel tolls are extra and added to the metered fare.

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4. Cycling in Buffalo, NY

Cycling in Buffalo has grown in popularity over the years and can be a great option. There are bike lanes in some areas and bike sharing apps have also established themselves in the city.

Cultural activities in Buffalo, NY

Once you’ve settled in after your search for rooms for rent in Buffalo, NY, head out and explore the city! Here are some great places to visit.

  • Buffalo Religious Arts Center: A museum dedicated to preserving the statuary, icons, stained glass, and other objets d’art from the many churches.
  • KeyBank Center: The best place to catch live music and performances from big-name artists on tour.
  • Delaware Park: Home to Buffalo Zoo, a Rose Garden, a Japanese Garden, public art installations, and much more.

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Dining in Buffalo, NY

What better way to experience and city than its food. Hit these favorite joints and get the finest tastes of Buffalo, NY.

  • Anchor Bar: Perhaps the single most famous restaurant in Buffalo, NY. Home and birthplace of the classic “Buffalo wings” recipe.
  • Jim’s Steakout: Home to the chicken finger subs. Catch the original recipe and many other great Buffalo favorites.
  • Marco’s Italian Deli: A must try for Italian food lovers. Soups, salads, burgers, and panini are also served here.

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