One of the most thrilling attractions in the United States is Detroit, Michigan. Aside from its well-known musical links, the city is home to the country’s second largest theater district and second largest collection of pre-depression era skyscrapers. There are many compelling reasons to live in Detroit for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re an automobile lover or a sports fan, there’s endless possibilities to explore while finding cheap rooms for rent in Detroit with ease!

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Getting to know Detroit

Detroit is regarded as an automotive city, with many of the world’s most well-known automobile brands having their origins here. This city is highly affordable, and it may be easier than you think to find cheap rooms for rent in Detroit’s popular areas!

The city’s fantastic placement on the shores of Lake Michigan, as well as its stunning skyline, only contribute to its allure. There is plenty in Detroit to please even the most demanding person, including world-class shopping and concerts, pertinent museums and galleries, and elite sports teams.

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Finding rooms for rent in Detroit

Neighborhoods with cheap rooms for rent in Detroit are Chadsey, which has an average rent of $477/month, Condon, which has an average rent of $477/month, and Vernor-Junction, which has an average rent of $552/month.

Check out some other locations such as Tireman ($589), Grant ($610), and Mt. Olivet ($610), which have asking rates that are less than the typical Detroit rent of $1,115 a month.

Top neighborhoods in Detroit

  • Southwest side: if you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in Detroit, start with the city’s cultural neighborhoods, such as Mexicantown and Corktown. You’ll find several excellent local restaurants as well as one-of-a-kind stores and boutiques.
  • Downtown: The city’s main business area is home to the majority of its iconic skyscrapers. Downtown Detroit also houses the country’s second-largest theatre district and three major league sports stadiums. You’ll also find the MGM Grand Detroit, Greektown, and MotorCity casinos.
  • Midtown/New Center: Situated just north of Downtown, the Midtown/New Center area houses many of the city’s top-notch galleries and museums. If you want to satisfy your love for art while looking for cheap rooms for rent in Detroit, then Midtown is for you!

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Average rent in Detroit

Rooms For Rent in Detroit Average Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Detroit $775
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Detroit $1,408
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Detroit $2,412

University life in Detroit

Detroit is full of great entertainment, shops, restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums, sports teams and much more. The perfect place for local as well as international students to imbibe the vibrant city life! If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Detroit while pursuing your studies, here are the top 5 universities to check out:

How transit friendly is Detroit?

1. Elevated Train in Detroit

The People Mover elevated rail line runs a three-mile loop around Downtown, providing riders with spectacular views of the city’s most prominent landmarks. The Renaissance Center, the Joe Louis Arena, where the Detroit Red Wings are located, and the Cadillac Center for Campus Martius Park and Greektown are among the 13 stops.

2. Car in Detroit

Take advantage of one of America’s most advanced highway networks by renting a cab. Parking is ample, and garages and parking services can be found in accessible Downtown locations; the Greektown Casino has a free 13-floor car park, and the Renaissance Center has a paid parking space.

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3. Bus in Detroit

The Detroit Department of Transportation operates bus lines to most parts of the city, while the SMART bus system serves most suburban areas. From their hub at the Rosa Parks Transit Center, yellow or green DDOT buses run on 17 different routes.

4. Taxi in Detroit

In Detroit, there are several bus, limo, and shuttle options to choose from. Official taxis charge a base fare and then a fixed amount per mile, minus tips.

Fun things to do in Detroit

1. The Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center, which features the world headquarters of General Motors, is the most prominent feature of the city’s skyline. The ‘RecCen,’ as it’s called across town, is a collection of seven interconnected skyscraper buildings where you can snack, drink, shop, or watch a movie.

2. Terrific Beer

When it comes to the best and most prolific brewing states in the US, Michigan is undoubtedly at the top, and Detroit is home to scores of breweries and microbreweries. Sample some cool craft beers at famous local breweries such as Dragonmead, Atwater, B. Nektar Meadery, and Motor City Brewing.

3. Campus Martius Park

This 2.5-acre public square in the city center is turned into a sandy beach in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. Throughout the year, there’s free entertainment, making this a popular meeting spot for both residents and tourists.

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Restaurants in Detroit

  • El Asador Steakhouse: This southwest Detroit gem is a great spot to splurge on a steak flavored with poblano pepper or savor a plate of grilled fish tacos. Reservations are a must for indoor dining or for seating with parties of four or more.
  • Detroit 75 Kitchen: It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this food truck’s menu, but it’s always wise to order the 3rd Street Philly with a side of cilantro fries. The restaurant also accepts delivery orders through DoorDash and Postmates.
  • Duly’s Place: For a late-night dinner after looking tirelessly for rooms for rent in Detroit, go for the city’s famous coney dog! This joint is open 24-7 for dogs with a satisfying snap or a wallet-friendly breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Be prepared: Duly’s takes cash only, so hit up an ATM on the way.

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