London, also known as The Big Smoke, is welcoming, ever-changing and full of history, making it an intriguing destination for couples, families, and young professionals alike. If the thought of living in London doesn’t yet excite you, we have given enough reasons below that will make you fall in love with the city. Additionally, with this detailed guide, you can find rooms for rent in London with ease. Let’s dive into the basics: average rent, top neighborhoods, and where to find cheap rooms for rent in London.

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Getting to know London

When you live in London, you’ll never want to leave. When you’re away from London, you’ll long to return. Its efficiency, pragmatism, blending of cultures and embedded history, keep you coming back for more. When you live in London, you feel like you are truly a part of this world.”

– via Thought Catalog

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London is known for its rich history, vibrant art and cultural scene, and eye-catching architecture. You can even nourish your love for food with fine dining options and soak in the city’s culture at the largest museums. Come along for the ride as we show you all the things you need to know to enjoy this fun-filled city.

Finding rooms for rent in London

Whether you are moving to London for a job, moving closer to your family, or simply upgrading your London home – this city won’t disappoint you! The city offers fantastic neighborhoods and high-ranked schools. Moreover, provides a wonderful mesh of education and universities, community, and healthcare.

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Top neighborhoods in London

  • Waltham Forest: With easy access to the Underground and a range of bus routes, Waltham Forest is well connected to London City Center. Cheap rooms for rent in London can be found easily in Walthamstow, but there are also larger Victorian homes around Epping Forest.
  • Croydon: The average rent in London is quite hefty, but Croydon is among the cheapest areas to rent in South of the city, especially for groups splitting the rent. There’s a huge variety of property types in Croydon, ranging from modern flats in residential towers to large detached houses and Victorian cottages. You can rest assured you’ll find the perfect home for you with only a 20-minute train journey to London.
  • Redbridge: is slightly further afield with just over an hour’s journey to London by car. Redbridge is the next affordable area with cheap rooms for rent in London. Further, with high-quality schools and open green spaces, it’s a perfect area for families looking to rent.

Average rent in London

Find Rooms In LondonAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In London£1,337
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In London£2,062
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In London£2,604

University life in London

BBC published research ranks London as the best city in the world for university students. Also, the urban setting of the city might be best suited for students who like the fast-paced city life. Most universities offer on-campus housing, where you can choose to live in dorms as well. But if you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in London, we’ll help you ease the process of finding the best universities in the Big Smoke.

Top universities in London, UK

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How transit friendly is London?

1. Public Transportation

The public transit system is excellent, but it can be costly, so take advantage of any available discounts. If you’re going with a group on an overground train, make sure to inquire for family tickets (not singles for everyone). Traveling during rush hour (7-9:30 a.m. and 5-7:30 p.m.) is best avoided since crowds are dense and ticket costs are significantly higher.

Avoiding the subway altogether if you simply need to travel around central London can save you money. For most routes, buses are significantly less expensive and virtually as speedy. Similarly, a bicycle rental system is also available. It costs £2 to start and then £2 per 30 minutes (the first 30 minutes of each journey are free).

Roomi Tip: Getting a Family & Friends Railcard (£30) saves a third on all adult journeys and 60% on kid’s travel.

2. Taxi

Taking a trip in one of London’s iconic black taxi taxis is thrilling; it’s a convenient and safe way to get around. However, black cabs come at a high cost. Likewise, a two-mile journey will set you back around £15. Uber is a popular mode of transportation in the city since it provides significantly lower prices.

A full day hunt for cheap rooms for rent in London is made easy with Uber, as they charge £3 to begin with, then £1.20 each mile after that. This typically works out to be significantly less expensive giving you the opportunity to have exciting conversations with the driver.

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3. Car rentals

If you want to get around the city by car, Hertz, Sixt, and Enterprise are just a few of the rental companies available. It should be simple to get a parking spot but expect to spend at least £19 for two hours. Further, drivers must also pay the Congestion Charge, which costs about £11 per day. It’s meant to decrease pollution downtown (make sure your rental company covers it).

Cultural activities in London

River Thames, London

1. Visit the British Museum

The British Museum is enormous. You can spend a day getting lost in its galleries, checking out antiquities from ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Moreover, explore relics from Easter Island, Japanese porcelain, and much, much more. Admission is free of charge and it’s open 7 days a week, so don’t miss one of the world’s greatest museums.

2. Visit London’s Smaller Galleries

Art lovers should head to major institutions like the Tate, but don’t neglect the city’s lesser-known galleries. Experimental contemporary work is always on show at the Whitechapel Gallery (77-82 Whitechapel High St). Similarly, the Esoterick specializes in Italian modern art (39A Canonbury Square). Likewise, White Cube also hosts radical new talent (25-26 Masons Yard).

3. Take a Cruise on the Thames

London grew up around the River Thames, and the river is the ideal vantage point to take vacation photos of waterfront attractions. Namely, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. Though City Cruises offers guided tours, you can also take river bus services using your Oyster Card. They run from Westminster Pier to Putney in the west and Woolwich in the east.

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Living an affordable lifestyle in London

London is well-known for being one of Europe’s most pricey capitals. You can significantly save money on food and groceries at supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Tesco. Likewise, sandwiches at Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are a touch more upscale, but they’ll still only cost around £2. If you want any electrical products, go to Tottenham Court Road, which is home to a number of electronics stores.

Visit Borough Market

The perfect pit-stop after a tough day’s search for rooms for rent in London. If you want to eat well in the city, but don’t want to pay heavy restaurant costs, head to Borough Market (next to London Bridge station). Here you’ll find everything from Cornish pasties (£2) to paella (£5), freshly pressed cider, pungent French cheeses, and delicious fish and chips!

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