Moving to a new city is challenging; learn more about the city while you look for rooms for rent in Nashville. From hot chicken, to a bustling nightlife, here’s everything you need to know!

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Getting to Know Nashville, TN

Nashville is a golden nugget for anyone who loves to explore a new city and learn about its history. Nicknamed “Music City” during the 1950s, Nashville has a lot to offer its residents. From diverse cuisine to mesmerizing live music, the city is filled with cultural activities to take part in. Home to Gibson guitars and the world’s oldest radio show, once you’re in Nashville, it is hard to look back.

Finding Rooms for Rent in Nashville, TN

Nashville is one of the more affordable cities in the US. However, rent can be steep in some areas. When looking for rooms for rent in Nashville, it is best to decide on a monthly budget for your room’s rent. Establishing a target budget can help you narrow down your search when renting in Nashville.

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Top Neighborhoods in Nashville, TN

  • Downtown Nashville: it is the heart of the city and has plenty of rooms and apartments for rent. Filled with bars and numerous entertainment options, you will always be where the action is when you’re living in this neighborhood.
  • Charlotte Pike: An up-and-coming neighborhood, especially for younger families. While monthly rent for rooms may be a little above average, this neighborhood has a cozy vibe, with a strong sense of community.
  • Midtown Nashville: If you’re moving to Nashville for work, finding a room for rent in this neighborhood is your best bet. Located close to the business district, this neighborhood is where the heart of the nightlife is.

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Average Rent in Nashville, TN

Rooms for Rent in Nashville Average Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Nashville $867
2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Nashville $1,906
3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Nashville $2,235

University Life in Nashville, TN

It’s easy to fid several student testimonials from different universities about life in Nashville. If you’ve found the perfect roommate, you will have an endless list of things to explore in the city. From hanging out in parks to searching for the latest music festivals, Nashville has a lot to offer. Major cities like Chicago, New York and more also easily accessible via Nashville, and make for the perfect holiday destinations for students.

If you don’t want to opt for campus housing, you can look at apartments or rooms for rent in Nashville, but monthly rent can be pretty expensive without a roommate.

Top universities in Nashville

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How Transit Friendly is Nashville, TN?

Nashville is ranked 31st among the most congested cities in the US. While it is not the worst rank, it still means that you need to account for traffic when commuting to work. Finding parking in Nashville is much easier than other cities in the US, and most metered parking is free after 6 in the evening.

1. Walkability in Nashville

Walkability differs in different neighborhoods. Downtown and Midtown Nashville are fairly walkable, and you can complete your chores easily without a car. Areas such as Berry Hill, Tennessee State University campus and Bordeaux Area are the least walkable parts of the city.

2. Roads/traffic in Nashville

Nashville can be quite congested, especially during rush hours. Getting to and from Downtown Nashville is easy, but try to avoid bottleneck areas like Interstate 40 at the eastbound exchange near exit 209 where drivers try to access highways 24, 40 and 70.

3. Taxis in Nashville

Like any city, Nashville has a fairly standard cab situation. Companies such as Magic Taxi and Green Cab let you book trips from the airport ahead of time. If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Nashville or Broadway, you can easily hail a cab for your trip. You can also avail Uber and Lyft services when you’re in a rush.

4. Public transportation in Nashville

Though the city does not have a subway system, you can avail bus routes serviced by the Nashville MTA. Citizens often overlook the Music City Circuit, which is the free bus route provided by MTA. It has two routes, the Green Circuit which runs from the Gulch to the Bicentennial Mall, and the Blue Circuit which runs between the Riverfront Station to the Tennessee State University campus area. Electric scooters are another great alternative that residents can opt for, companies like Lime and Bird have apps which allow users to track down their nearest station once they’ve entered the required payment information.

5. Airports in Nashville

The Nashville International Airport is the busiest airport in Tennessee, operating over 500 flights. Located in Southeast Nashville, the airport serves an average of 12 million passengers per year. It offers the most extensive routes in the state and has limited international flights as well.

6. Cycling in Nashville

Nashville is quite bike-friendly and even has free bike-sharing programs for its residents. The B-Cycle program offers daily, monthly or yearly subscriptions and users can easily pick up a bike from the nearest station to explore the city. Once you’re done, find another B-Cycle station to drop off your bike, and you are good to go.

Nightlife in Nashville, TN

Nashville is famous for its whiskey and bourbon, so it comes as no surprise that it has a bustling nightlife. When you want drinks, you won’t be too hard-pressed to find a decent place around the city. From the mysterious Old Glory to the alluring Skull’s Rainbow Room and Music City Pub Crawl, the nightlife in Nashville is worth exploring.

Cultural Activities in Nashville, TN

Nashville isn’t known as the “Music City” for nothing. Since the fifties, the music scene has been booming in this city, and has found mentions in the Rolling Stone, SPIN and Nylon publications as well. From the famous Bluebird Café, where numerous superstars found their start, to famous venues like the Schermerhorn Symphony Center which provide beautiful live music even today, Nashville has definitely secured its title.

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