When you’re co-living with roommates, there are many situations you might have to adapt to. From learning to bond with the different personalities of roommates to solving cold wars and tolerating each other day-in, day-out! But the best thing about co-living with roommates, especially at a time like this, is that you get to enjoy festivities with people you spend your days with. And when it’s Christmas time, playing Secret Santa might also mean that you run out of gift ideas for your roommates pretty quickly.

But wait, as always, we’ve got you covered.

So here’s a list of some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas that you can use this year to make your roommates feel happy and loved.

Something they truly need

You know your roommates pretty well, right? You know what they like for breakfast, you know about that thing they recently lost or broke, and sometimes you know what’s really missing from their lives – because they keep borrowing (or stealing) it from your own room.

So once you know which roomi you’ll be buying a Secret Santa gift for, start observing what they could use everyday, because nothing makes a better gift than something they can actually use!

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Books, books, and more books!

When co-living with a roommate who’s always buried in books, it’s easy to choose a cheap Secret Santa gift for them. If you know which authors they like, go ahead and give them a book by their favorite author.

If you’re not sure, find out what they’re currently reading and use Amazon or get recommendations about similar reads. This is also one of the safest gift ideas for your roommates.

Do a little research here, because you don’t want your Secret Santa gift to be gathering dust on the bookshelf.

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A gift bundle of their favorite beverage and snacks

You can never have enough of your favorite tea, coffee, or snacks, especially during the cold winter months! So for a roomi you’re co living with, a gift bundle of the things they love would make the best Secret Santa gift that’s truly personalized.

If you’re not sure which items to pack, a gift card for their favorite store could work too. That way, they can buy whatever they want when the mood strikes.

Sneak in a cute note to make it the best Secret Santa ever!

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Gift ideas that will be good for your roommate, and for you!

You know when you’re co-living with roommates and some of their habits start to annoy you so much that you think you can’t live with them anymore? Say, for example, they listen to really loud music all the time, and when you tell them to wear headphones, they claim not to have any good ones. Or maybe they’re super messy and it’s been getting on your nerves all year.

In these situations, the best Secret Santa gift is something that helps you both! Get creative and gift them something they use as an excuse for being annoying, or even a quirky gift that celebrates their flaw and gives both of you a laugh out of it.

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Something to keep up with the cold.

Socks, sweaters, scarves, mufflers and other warm clothing will make your roomi smile! So if you don’t know what they would like and are searching for an easy, affordable gift, something warm and cozy will always go down well.

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DIY gifts are always a heartfelt option.

If you’re coliving with a roommate you truly love, there’s nothing better than a handmade gift that represents the unique bond you have.

A fun DIY project, a sweet painting of something they love, or even a delicious hand-cooked meal, their favorite type of bread or heartwarming cake – anything you make with love will be truly appreciated.

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Whatever you decide to gift your roomi, don’t forget to show them all your love this festive season, because we all need it more than ever right now! <3

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