For some of us, the winter season is very exciting! Because of Christmas and New Year traditions and the many festive treats that are in order! But for some, cozying up and snuggling indoors might their only winter tradition. Hey, to each their own! But have you ever wondered what winter solstice traditions and celebrations looked like around the world?

No matter which group of people you belong to, we’ve got a few new ideas for everyone! So, here’s a list of winter traditions from around the world that you can make your winter an even better!

1. Winter Tradition in Denmark: Hygge

Hygge, pronounced ‘hyoo-guh’ is a Danish winter tradition, can be enjoyed throughout the winter season!

The Scandinavians say that the term Hygge is not a product as advertised, but a feeling. It is simply a quality of coziness and comfort that makes you feel content. No matter what you might be doing.

So the good news is – you don’t need to buy anything to celebrate Hygge!

But you can make your apartment more cozy, prepare a delicious warm drink or a cocktail and feel the bliss of this beautiful winter tradition!

2. Winter tradition inn Colombia- Día de las Velitas (The day of the little candles)

Learn how to keep the winter season alight from the Colombians and their winter tradition – the day of the little candles!

This tradition is in honor of the immaculate conception, which is a public holiday in Colombia. It’s a winter tradition celebrated in the name of mother Mary and the birth of baby Jesus. Isn’t it fascinating to learn about winter solstice traditions and celebrations from around the world?!

So whenever you feel the dark and cold winter nights overwhelming you, get your candles, electric lamps and lanterns out to make your home feel warm and beautiful.

3. Winter tradition in Iran: Yalda night

Yalda is a Persian winter solstice tradition that dates back to Zoroastrianism faith practiced in ancient Iran. It is celebrated by Iranians to mark the arrival of the winter season as well as the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness.

It’s a zealous celebration with live music, delicious Persian cuisine, and dancing the night away! You can celebrate this winter solstice tradition at home by cooking a delicious meal with your loved ones.

But be sure to include dried nuts, pomegranate, and classic poetry to the mix and celebrate Yalda night this winter like the Persians do!

4. Dongji – South Korea

Another winter solstice tradition from South Korea, Dongji is a celebration of the winter solstice marked by longer nights and shorter days. In South Korea, the dish Pat Juk (red bean porridge) is the hero of the festival and the quintessential Korean dongji dish.

The Koreans believe red to be a lucky color and that eating red beans brings good luck and makes wishes come true.

So, enjoy this delicious dish with white rice and a garnish of nuts. Also, you can prepare it sweet or savory! Isn’t that fun!

5. Hide your brooms on Christmas Eve – Norway

Because who wants to clean the house on Christmas, anyway!

However, the Norwegians have a different reason for this Christmas tradition. Because this winter tradition involves hiding your brooms on Christmas Eve so that spooky witches don’t snoop around the house!

6. Noche de los Rabanos (Night of the Radishes) – Mexico

A Christmas tradition celebrated in Mexico, the Noche de los Rabanos or the Night of the Radishes is a three day festival where Mexicans carve vegetables. Especially oversized radishes to make them resemble nativity and symbols from Mexican folkore. It’s a fascinating tradition and you should definitely look into it!

So to celebrate this winter tradition at home, you can carve radishes (or any other vegetables) into whatever you want!

7. Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood) – Iceland

This beautiful Icelandic Christmas tradition is our personal favorite!

So, in Iceland, people gift each other books to send wishes for a cozy winter season. Isn’t that so beautiful? So, go make your loved one’s Christmas cozier with this winter tradition!

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