The presents are out, the mince pies have been devoured and every family member has been FaceTimed. And it’s only 9 a.m. Despite our personal traditions, we can always appreciate new ways to make Christmas special for ourselves. Looking for Christmas activities in 2020 that will help you forget the rest of this year? We got you.

If you find yourself searching for fun things to do on Christmas Day after the initial morning excitement wears off, here are some fresh ideas to help keep you entertained.

Keep reading for a round up of festive ways to pass the hours after you’ve unwrapped all of those presents under the tree!

1. A holiday movie marathon: one of the easiest ways to make your Christmas special

There’s certainly no shortage of jolly Christmas movies to really get you in all your festive feels! Gather the family, your buddies or snuggle up solo for a Christmas Day viewing experience that promises plenty of holiday vibes! Watching Christmas movies back to back with all your favorite snacks and a hot chocolate… what’s not to love?

2. Build the Gingerbread house of your dreams

There’s nothing like a holiday baking activity to get you in the Christmas mood! As an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones, this kid-friendly (and delicious!) craft is the perfect hands-on project to keep everyone entertained. Warning: Beware of the sugar rush!

3. The ultimate Christmas feast to spruce up your Christmas activities 2020

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, so what better way to bring people together than with a whole menu of mouth-watering food. From perfecting your turkey to dishing smoked salmon, soups, pâtés, sharing platters, cheese tarts and more, research some recipes and make them happen! The payoff will be an Insta-worthy spread and a delicious, indulgent meal fit for the occasion.

4. A themed family games night

The holiday season is a perfect occasion to cozy up, relax and have fun! If you find yourself searching for something more to do, why not organise a games night? We suggest you stick to holiday-themed games such as Christmas trivia, to keep things appropriately festive.

5. Virtual wine tasting

A Zoom wine tasting event is a great way to discover new wines with friends while pretending you’re at a gorgeous vineyard in Napa (instead of the same house you’ve been in for eight months!). A little festive escapism is just what we need in 2020, right?

6. A holiday playlist

Nothing gets us into the spirit quite like holiday music. Curate a memorable playlist by asking your family and friends to add their all-time favorite holiday song to the list. Pour yourself a wine and have a singalong!

7. Get crafty with ‘Thank You’ cards

A great Christmas Day activity is to get crafty! Pull out some scrapbooking supplies and sit down for an art project and an opportunity to express gratitude to the ones you love – and yourself!

The holidays are going to look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on some of the season’s most festive activities. It’s really about spreading cheer, and helping others less fortunate than you are is a great way to demonstrate that. Your efforts may mean more than you know.

In fact, this year is a great opportunity to create new holiday traditions that are fun, safe and memorable.

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