We all have those days when our brain doesn’t want to cooperate with us. And it almost feels like a crashed/unreadable file that won’t open no matter how many times you tap or click on it. Although the frustration is real, instead of banging your head against the wall (or better yet your keyboard) you could read funny comics to get your brain’s essential juices flowing again!

Here is Roomi’s recommendation for the best funny comics in 2020.

1. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is nothing like the boring ‘healthy meal’ name it takes after. Instead, the cartoonist Matthew Boyd Inman brings a fresh, quirky & satirical take on many old and new everyday things. And our personal favorite is how he tries to describe the life of pets using his ROFL quality humor in his funny comics!

Read the comics of Oatmeal here, or you could follow them on Instagram for timely cackles.

2. Extra Fabulous Comics

If you love dark, inappropriate humor, these funny comics will be your go-to haunt.

Often described as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – though some pieces are okay for the office! However, these funny comics entail dark, off-color puns, twisted ends, realistically unrealistic closure. Also, you have to read the comic to really know what we are saying.

So the artist – “Zach,” draws fully colored, elaborate funny comics to quick rough photographed sketches. And subjects range from absurd to relatable with everything in- between and sometimes both at once. It’s tite, mate!

Read the comic here!

3. Safely Endangered

So you love oxymorons and fun play of words?! Then this webcomic’s art style is cute, minimalistic, and quite charming and made just for you. All funny comics have a very feel-good end to themselves, making you chuckle even on days when grumpy is your mood of the day.

The artist, Chris, encapsulates lives of both animate and inanimate objects. A series of really funny comics that you can’t help but share with others.

Read the comic here!

4. Adam Ellis Comics

Adam Ellis Comics are downright the best slapstick funny comics on the internet today! Many comics become monotonous with time, but not this one, also because it comes from a lot of personal encounters that the comic artist likes to display. Hilarious, unexpected, quirky and unforgiving – these comics are everything we need today!

Read the comic on his Instagram!

5. Poorly Drawn Lines

The artist Reza Farazmand has this charming way to tell stories in just four blocks through her minimal linework funny comics. Our favorite part is that the characters are mostly animals (we want to know what’s happening in their world!!!), but there are occasional visits from plants, rocks, and even humans (didn’t see it coming, did you?)

Overall a great series of funny comics with gripping conversational writing! Moreover it’s a very light read, which pairs excellently with evening coffee and WFH stress.

Read the comic here!

6. Sarah Andersen Comic

We feel like squealing in excitement as this is one of our favorite funny comics on the internet! It has a nonchalance that pulls you in from the first read, and you keep reading because it’s so honest and relatable. If we could we’d give it 13/10 because we love it!

Read the comic here!

7. The Awkward Yeti

Who knows the daily battles of the heart and the mind more than us? The Awkward Yeti! An ongoing gag-a-day funny comics by Nick Seluk, the comic follows the daily life of the blue yeti Lars. It’s intense, absolutely hilarious discussions between the body organs which anyone would relate to (unless you’re an alien, in which case, we’re calling the Men In Black).

Read the comic here!

8. War & Peas

Created by Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, these funny comics are relatable AF! And what we love about these comic strips is the arbitrary humor. Just like their name, the comic is not only filled with funny random chuckle-worthy instances but also a voice that stands for social issues like deforestation & racism.

Read the comic here.

Did you love our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below. Also, we hope this gave you the break you needed from work. If getting back to work sounds like a drag, it’s time you find something that you love doing ?

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