Apart from living in the famed Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone buildings, exploring the bars in the neighborhood has got to be one of the best things to do in Bed-Stuy. Conveniently located close to Manhattan, the neighborhood is a hub for young artists and professionals. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Bed-Stuy bars are far from your typical water holes.

Given the lively culture of the neighborhood, it’s no wonder that the best bars in Bed-Stuy are known for their lively music, plush vinyl booths, and well-curated menus; what more could you ever need for a night to remember?

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Living in Bed-Stuy: What to expect from a night out

If you’ve been lucky enough to snag a nice room for rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant, you’ll need to be prepared for late nights and lots bar hopping.A few months into living in Bed-Stuy, you’ll discover that your list of bars to explore in Bed-Stuy keeps growing.

Not sure of the best ways to get to know the people in your neighborhood? Bed-Stuy bars are here to the rescue; most places have a relaxed and welcoming vibe making them ideal for an enjoyable night out where you get to have some interesting conversations.

As with the people of the neighborhood, the nightlife is a mixed bag; you’ll find your share of typical dive bars, but with a sprinkle of posh drinking spots to keep your evenings exciting.

The drinks and atmosphere aren’t the only attraction though, some of these spots make the best bars in Bed-Stuy list thanks to their delectable food. Once you read through the list, you’ll quickly realize why bar hopping is one of the best things to do in Bed-Stuy for an exciting evening; after all, Bed-Stuy bars are among the best bars in Brooklyn.

Have a swell time at Swell Dive


Once you step into this joint, you’ll know we weren’t just trying to get a weak pun in. At first glance, Swell Dive is your typical dive bar, with good food, great beer, and a foosball table to top it off.

It’s not just the prices that’ll have your heart singing, but the delicious Tex-Mex food (featuring to-die-for Filipino-inspired tacos) and the fruity drinks that come in a variety of vibrant fishbowls glasses. Truly, it is the place to let loose with your friends at the end of a long weekend and have a good time.

Finding Doris


Speaking of Tex-Mex, ever heard of a neighborhood bar serving Tex-Mex themed cocktails? With cozy backyard seating, Doris is as hip as Bed-Stuy bars get. The candlelit atmosphere and intriguing cocktails will have you coming back for more.

With a distinctly Texan theme, Doris has been described as impressive by more than one patron. You’ll probably be listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac while waiting for your next grilled cheese sandwich. Care to check it out for yourself? Be careful;, one drink may turn into two or three or four…

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After work drinks at The Fulton Grand


Moving to Bed-Stuy for work? The Fulton Grand (don’t worry, we’ve got Bed-Stuy’s favorite sports bar, Fulton Ale House, on the list as well) needs to be on your roster to unwind at the end of a workday.

Featuring an impressive cocktail and craft beer menu, The Fulton Grand offers a carefree, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for mingling with colleagues or friends. Of course, the affordable prices are just the cherry on top. Thanks to the ever-rotating list of drinks, especially their selection of Whiskey, frequent visits don’t seem like a drag.

Have the time of your life at C’mon Everybody


When they say Everybody, they mean everybody; this well-loved bar not only features a separate space for some live performance but a neat little art gallery tucked in the corner as well.

There’s a new event every day of the week, from burlesque shows and dance parties to comedy shows. With its monthly Romy and Michele’s Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance party deemed one of the city’s best gay dance parties, it is no surprise that it is a queer-owned and operated bar. It aims to serve as a safe space and amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ artists and allies.

Indulge yourself at Dynaco


Should you be indulging yourself at a bar? Well, when the menu features cake-yes, yes you should. Keeping our sweet tooth aside, Dynaco is a local favorite thanks to its chilled-out atmosphere and ever-rotating list of snacks.

In fact, if you’ve been living in Bed-Stuy for a while, you’ve probably already been introduced to this lovely spot. For those looking to quench their thirst, you won’t be disappointed by the extensive list of cocktails, beer, and wine. It’s the ideal spot for a relaxed night out thanks to its inviting atmosphere, or perhaps, a date.

Spend a free day at Bar Lunatico


Part coffee shop, restaurant, live music venue, and pub, you could spend your day at Bar Lunatico without getting bored. Nope, Bar Lunatico isn’t a venture that’s confused about what it wants to be; it’s just a representation of the diversity of Bed-Stuy.

Owned by a musician, it is no surprise the pub stage features various up-and-coming artists, which adds to the lively atmosphere. Apart from the mouth-watering Italian cuisine and cocktails, the live music is definitely worth visiting this Bed-Stuy bar for.

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Game’s on at Fulton Ale House


Not to be confused with the Fulton Grand, Fulton Ale House is one of the well-loved sports bars in Bed-Stuy. Fulton Ale House is not your typical sports bar with a carefree atmosphere featuring beers and great music. With numerous TV screens spread across the bar, you’ll be able to keep up with all your preferred sports at once.

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