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Originally Decatur was largely forested; it was founded at the intersection of two Native American trails: the Sandtown and the Shallowford. The City of Decatur was incorporated in December 1823. You’ll find historic neighborhoods where you can look for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA.

An eastern suburb of Atlanta, Decatur, is in the county seat of DeKalb County, Georgia.

Getting to Know Decatur

Decatur is home to roughly 25,000 people and offers year-round events and festivals, restaurants, local shops, and services.

Summers are hot and muggy; typically from May to September, the hottest being July. Winters are short, cold, and wet; typically from November to February, the coldest being January.

The milieu in Decatur is a blend of traditional small-town, with the delight of a college-town, coupled with the benefits of a metropolitan area. It has a mix of ethnic diversity and is distinctly a white-collared city. Many people working here are involved in management, healthcare, and teaching.

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Finding rooms for rent in Decatur, GA

Any of the five business and retail districts can be recced for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA.

  • The Decatur Square: is Decatur’s quintessential historic downtown area. It’s a 15-blocks walkable area that is surrounded by professional firms, fashionable unique retailers, and local and national restaurants.
  • West Ponce District: is a district known for its many restaurants. There’s also a yoga and fitness center, retail stores, and convenient services.
  • Old Depot District (ODD): comprises locally owned eateries, service providers, small commercial offices catering to the immediate neighborhood.
Decatur Business Districts
  • Oakhurst District: is centered around the family-friendly Harmony Park and is surrounded by eateries and retails stores. On the northern boundary of Oakhurst is the MARTA rail station and commercial properties.
  • East Decatur District: is located a few blocks from the Avondale MART station along East College Avenue. This district comprises a neighborhood pub, a tattoo parlor, a glass blowing studio, and many restaurants and services.

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Top neighborhoods in Decatur

Avondale Townhomes Apartments – Decatur, GA
  • Avondale Estates: is down the street from Downtown Decatur Square. In this neighborhood, 1950s ranch-style homes, new construction and Craftsman homes, and its Tudor Revival style architecture stand out. This is the place to look for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA, if you’re looking for a place with history. The neighborhood is home to the original Waffle House and the Waffle House Museum!
  • Winnona Park: at the Southeastern corner is a short walk to downtown Decatur and is bordered by Agnes Scott College, Columbia Theological Seminary, The Waldorf School, and Dearborn Park. This neighborhood offers charming restaurants and locally-owned boutiques.
  • Ponce De Leon Heights: is situated in the west section of Decatur. The Place on Ponce, the first residential community of its kind, is a new development. The facility houses a swimming pool, a resident club room with a billiard table, controlled access entry, and parking garage, and more. If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA, with modern amenities, head to this neighborhood!

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Average rent in Decatur, GA

Studio apartments are the smallest and the most affordable when looking for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA.

Room For Rent In DecaturAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment In Decatur$998
2 Bedroom Apartment In Decatur$1,996
3 Bedroom Apartment In Decatur$2,400

University life in Decatur, GA

Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

University life is undoubtedly busy; however, you can find time to spare to explore the ‘outside’ world. Decatur is a safe city, and exploring the town and all that it has to offer with new friends will be exciting. If you plan on staying off-campus, look for rooms for rent in Decatur, GA, near your selected university. This will allow you to save money that may have been spent on commute.

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How transit-friendly is Decatur?

1. Walkability & Bikeability

Per the Community Development Report of 2021, Decatur is nationally recognized as a “Walk-friendly, Bike-friendly, Special Needs Community and an Atlanta Regional Commission Green Community.”

2. Roads/traffic

North Decatur & Ponce de Leon during rush hours, typically from 8.am. to 9.am. And 5.pm. to 6.pm., can be congested. You can assess the roads and traffic conditions in certain areas in the Decatur Downtown Drive video below without commentary.

3. Public Transportation

Three Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail stations (Decatur, East Lake, and Avondale) serve the medium-sized city. In addition, to two bus-lines and three-zip-car options for car-share make public commute extremely convenient.

4. Airports

Restaurants in Decatur, GA

Cafe Lily, Decatur, GA

Shopping in Decatur, GA

In Decatur, wherever you go, there are local retail stores to shop from every corner and on every lane. You will find jewelry, apparel; books; CDs!, yeah, CDs, footwear, cigars & tobacco, glass-blown artifacts, and homegrown (Gifts, Arts, and Home Goods). Decatur Business Directory provides a detailed list with websites and location details.

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