El Paso is located in the far western part of the U.S. state of Texas. It is the sixth-largest city in the State of Texas and is popularly known as ‘Sun City.’ El Paso and nearby cities, like Juarez and Las Cruces, are collectively known as ‘The Borderland.’ With a strong military and federal presence, it also consistently ranks among the safest cities in the country. If you are new to the city and looking for cheap rooms to rent in El Paso, we’re here to help you get started! Read on to learn about the city, culture, neighborhoods, average rent in El Paso, and more.

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Getting to know El Paso

El Paso and the Ciudad Juarez area connected New Mexico in the north to the rest of Mexico. Hence, El Paso earned its name, which is Spanish for ‘the pass’. The area was also collectively called ‘El Paso del Norte’ (The pass of the North) by Spanish travelers in 1581. The city lies at the intersection of three states (Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua) and two countries (the U.S. and Mexico). This gives it an important geographical position and makes it home to a diverse community. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, it has a desert-type climate with hot summer and mild, dry winters. Speaking Spanish is an advantage here, as it is the most spoken language with English being the second.

Finding rooms for rent in El Paso

El Paso has an area of 259 sq. mi and is divided into many distinct sections. The Franklin Mountains and Fort Bliss cut through the city with each area having a distinct style and culture. El Paso has a population of 681,728, and a median age of 32.5 years. With its diverse and strong economy, it is a popular city comprising of young professionals. El Paso is focused on international trade, military and government service, oil and gas, and tourism. With housing expenses, 22% lower than the national average, you can find cheap rooms for rent in El Paso.

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Top Neighborhoods in El Paso

  • Mission Hills: This neighborhood is known for its walkability, safety, and low cost of living. You can find plenty of parks, restaurants, and options for entertainment here. With its convenient location, it is popular among young professionals in the education and healthcare sectors. Mission Hills is also great for nature lovers and if you like being able to get around on foot. All this makes it a great place to find cheap rooms for rent in El Paso.
  • Zach White: This neighborhood is popular among locals who will often name it one of the best in the city. Well liked by young families and retired professionals, it is one of the safest places to live in. While Zach White is on the more expensive side, yet it’s a great place to find rooms for rent in El Paso. The great public transportation, dining and entertainment options only add to its popularity.
  • Castner Heights: Castner Heights is know to have good walkability, beautiful parks and is located close to Fort Bliss. Hence, it is popular with military, government personnel and families. With many great schools and the El Paso Community College located here, it is also great if you are a student. Safe and affordable, Castner Heights is a great place to find cheap rooms for rent in El Paso.

Average rent in El Paso

Rooms for Rent in El PasoAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment in El Paso$533
2 Bedroom Apartment in El Paso$1,498
3 Bedroom Apartment in El Paso$1,761

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Average costs of living in El Paso

Particulars Cost per month
Health Insurance$90

University life in El Paso

El Paso can be a great place to study as it is an economic and cultural hub. It is known for its safety and has great options for higher education. With rents below the national average, you can easily find cheap rooms for rent in El Paso. Also, as a student, you can even take up campus accommodation. El Paso is also a hub of the education sector. Here are the living costs and the average rent in El Paso.

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Top Universities in El Paso

How transit-friendly is El Paso

1. Taxis in El Paso

You can easily use taxis in El Paso and they are generally safe and convenient. Taxi rates here are more affordable than in most cities. However, it is advisable to book one in advance and you will need to call for pickup in most areas. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are also available. They can be great if you are looking for rooms for rent in El Paso in an out-of-the-way area.

Taxi Rates forCost
Taxi 1 hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)$18.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$1.65
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)$1.55

2. Buses in El Paso

The Sun Metro Mass Transit Department is the public transportation provider that serves El Paso. They operate buses and paratransit services, covering all the major areas of the city. You can check their routes and timings on their website. Sun Metro also operates an express bus service called Brio. Make sure you check if there are stops nearby while looking for rooms for rent in El Paso.

3. Streetcars in El Paso

The El Paso streetcar travels a 4.8-mile route in two loops through El Paso’s uptown and downtown areas. It connects many prominent locations and neighborhoods, as well as the University of Texas at El Paso. These restored streetcars have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi for passengers. Hence, they can be a great way to get around the major areas of the city.

4. Walkability in El Paso

Downtown El Paso offers good walkability. Many neighborhoods have parks and other fitness areas that allow you to get around on foot too. However, due to the hot weather, it is not advisable to take prolonged walks in the heat. Winters can be a good time if you want to explore the city on foot. If you are looking for rooms for rent in El Paso, remember to stay hydrated and keep the sunblock handy!

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Cultural activities in El Paso

  • Rodeos: Rodeo events are a popular form of entertainment in El Paso. If you are planning to find rooms for rent in El Paso, make sure to visit one. These events usually take place around the months of January and February. This unique sport is a part of the city’s culture, and individuals compete in many events including bull riding.
  • Fort Bliss Army Base: El Paso is a major military and federal center with Fort Bliss being one of the largest military installations. You can visit this military base and take a tour by heading to the visitor control center and obtaining a pass. However, you will require valid ID proof to be allowed to visit this base.
  • Museum of Archeology: Located at Wilderness Park, this museum displays a host of artifacts and reconstructions of the past. It also has several scenic trails and offers stunning views of the Franklin Mountains as well. A great place to visit if you are looking for rooms for rent in El Paso.

Dining in El Paso

  • Chico’s Tacos: Snack on tacos served with a red sauce and piled high with cheese or El Paso-style hot dogs. Chico’s is treasured by locals and the food here has a unique ‘El Paso’ twist to it. They have 5 different stores in El Paso serving these unique rolled tacos. A single order of tacos will not cost you more than $2.00 making it a great budget snack.
  • Avila’s Mexican Food: A historic family-owned restaurant, it often wins food and service awards. Owned and operated by four generations of the Avila family, it is a local favorite with loyal patrons. The ‘Chile con Queso’ is their specialty with their enchiladas and tacos also being highly recommended. The average total meal here costs about $12 with specials offering great value.
  • The Tap: This bar is popular among young professionals and students, with a great crowd. If you are a student looking for rooms for rent in El Paso, be sure to visit. It offers great Mexican food at reasonable rates as well. The Tap is not only a great bar but also a great restaurant too.

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