If you love city vibes, interesting sites and want an Urban core view, Manhattan is the place to be. Manhattan, also known as the city is popularly known as the world’s leading center of banking, finance, and communication. Manhattan houses the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. Before we go into details about getting rooms for rent in Manhattan, let us get you acquainted with this captivating city!

Getting To Know Manhattan

Manhattan is so popular that its street names are well known all over the world. From Wall Street, Madison Avenue, 34th street to Broadway. A long thin island that has concrete canyons and an inimitable skyline. Manhattan also has the world’s brightest and most renowned theatre district.

Manhattan is the most densely populated of the five boroughs of New York City. You’ll find Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Guggenheim museum, and the World Trade Center in Manhattan. It represents the city with iconic neighborhoods like Harlem, the Upper East Side, Times Square, and Greenwich village.

Manhattan is the heart of the big Apple. It shares a border with the Hudson River to the west, the East River to the east, and the Harlem River separates Manhattan from the Bronx to the North.

Finding Rooms For Rent In Manhattan

The median price of homes listed in Manhattan for 2019 was $1,495,000, while the median price of homes that sold was $968,000.

However, there are affordable neighborhoods where you can comfortably get rooms for rent in Manhattan. For instance, a studio apartment and a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Manhattan like Harlem, Marble Hill, Yorkville, Washington Heights, also known for their historic beauty.

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Top Neighborhoods

  • Upper West Side: This neighborhood is located on 59th Street to 110th Street from south to north, from Central Park on the east to the Hudson River on the West. This neighborhood is best for families. A very picturesque neighborhood, it offers an abundance of public green space. There are lots of cool boutiques in Columbus Avenue, and Amsterdam has mostly restaurants, cafes and bars. The subway runs along Broadway, also the center of the neighborhood, as well as Central Park West. You can get a walk-up studio apartment for rent in the west, for a budget. And you can save a tidy sum the further north you go.
  • Lenox Hill on the Upper East: This neighborhood is located on the East 60th Street to East 77th Street south to north, from the East River on the east and Fifth Avenue on the west. This is also a good neighborhood for families. This pocket of the Upper East Side promises uptown life at its finest. Madison Avenue is very popular for its array of grandiose shops. The brands like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Celine, and Giuseppe Zanotti, match the residents of Park and Fifth. You’d expect to get a luxury 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Manhattan near Central Park and a studio apartment for rent closer to the East River
  • Battery Park City: This neighborhood is located on West Street on the east and surrounded by the Hudson River to the west, north, and south. This neighborhood is best for families and the waterfront views. It always ranks among the safest neighborhoods in New York City. Transportation has always been convenient from this part of town. You can get a Manhattan studio apartment without stress here and also get a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Manhattan.

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Average Rent In Manhattan

The cost of living in Manhattan was 148% higher than the average cost for major U.S. cities in 2019.

Rooms for Rent in ManhattanAverage Rent
Studio Apartment in Manhattan$1,848
1 Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan$1,973
2 Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan$2,858
3 Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan$3,606

Universities In Manhattan

The City University, New York is located in Manhattan and it has eleven colleges, which are:

Renting a Manhattan studio apartment is advisable and easily accessible around the college. You can also get a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Manhattan if you so, please.

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How Transit Friendly Is Manhattan

Getting around in Manhattan is easy due to an abundance of public transportation and a simple street grid. Walking, traveling the subway, taking a bus or cab are the most common ways to move around in Manhattan, some still wish to have their private vehicles or use a different means.


Manhattan is the easiest city to travel by foot, and many pedestrians take advantage of this fact. There are many pre-packaged walking tours, some are free but most are very cheap. If you go out on your own, counting on 20 blocks equals a mile and taking 20 to 30 minutes to walk.It is the easiest to navigate through when looking for rooms for rent in Manhattan


To avoid traffic, tune in to local stations with traffic updates on the Morning radio. Avoid roads and areas with heavy construction. traveling in and out of Manhattan between 8-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. are the toughest. If you can, try to avoid rush hour or consider some alternate routes. Many areas are blocked off from traffic and street festivals which run through spring, summer, and fall close-off avenues. Visitors that rent or bring in their cars park it due to the stress that comes from struggling to park.


Rather than own a car, most Manhattans prefer to use a car service app because it’s more convenient. Manhattan cabs are yellow. Cab fares are strictly by meter, it is essentially that you give a 10% to 15% tip. Also note that the responsibility for tolls are on you. The difference between an available taxi and off duty taxi is their lights, it’s taxi sign light is on when available and dimmed when off duty and shift change. It’s worthy of note that taxis can be inefficient during rush hour. Available car service apps are LYFT, UBER, GETT and VIA.

Public transportation

The buses and rail system in Manhattan is run by the metropolitan transportation authority. There are 43 bus routes in Manhattan, 472 train stations, and 36 rail lines. Most buses are available until midnight to 5 am. Only a few run overnight. Bus rides cost $2.50


From Times Square, it’ll take you about 30 minutes to get to JFK International Airport which is located in the borough of Queens approximately 19km southeast of Lower Manhattan. Traveling from Newark Liberty international is easier than journeying from JFK if your eventual destination is on the west side of Manhattan.

Cycle Friendly

If you want to cycle uninterrupted, the Harlem river greenway is your best bet, although a short route while the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is a 31-mile bicycle route around the island of Manhattan. You can rent a bike for $9 in Manhattan.

Weather In Manhattan

January is the coldest month in Manhattan at 32.6 °F (0.3 °C) which is the daily temperature. Throughout the year the temperature varies from 28°F to 85°F on very rare occasions 14°F or 92°F. The summers are warm and humid, the winters are very cold and windy.

Cultural activities in Manhattan

Manhattan is well known for its street fair festivals and parades, so many sites to see. You can walk the whole day on this island and there’s still so much more to see. Harlem week is one to look forward to and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. The parks, gardens, museums. When the weather gets warm, they take the parties outside throughout the city, where ethnicity, faith, artistry, humor, and fun are on display.

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