Where to Live in NYC: Brooklyn Vs. Queens

So you’re moving to New York City, and you have a bit of a choice: the smaller but more cosmopolitan Brooklyn or the larger but cheaper Queens. There’s plenty of Brooklyn vs. Queens facts to know before you make your decision.

New York City is a multi-cultural city, which is reflected in the different boroughs. While Manhattan may be the center of attraction in New York, it can be expensive to live there considering the rising rent and living expenses.

Queens and Brooklyn are not just home to the hipsters and tourists; both have plenty of young professionals that lead an exciting life in these boroughs. Here’s the lowdown on these two boroughs to help you decide which one is right for you.

Brooklyn vs. Queens: Cost of Living

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The cost of living is a primary factor in deciding where to live in NYC. The average rent is $3,080 per month for a 649 sq. ft. apartment in Brooklyn.

There are many apartment types in NYC that you must be aware of. Note that choosing the right neighborhood can also make a difference in your rent.

If you are looking for affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, try Bensonhurst, Madison, and Bushwick. You can catch some great deals depending on the size of the apartment if you look in the right places!

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On the other hand, the average rent in Queens is $2,680 for an average apartment size of 713 sq. ft. Queens is the better choice over Brooklyn for those looking for cheaper housing.

Flushing, College Point, and Jamaica Estates are some of the most affordable neighborhoods in Queens. You can also look for apartments in Sunnyside and Ridgewood for good deals.

If you find a great place slightly over your budget, why not share your flat with a roommate? Many students and young professionals live with roomies to save on expenses and enjoy NYC apartment life. Check out Roomi to connect with your potential roommates today!

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Brooklyn vs. Queens: People and Diversity

Brooklyn has become very popular as more and more young professionals come here to escape the expensive life of Manhattan. It has truly become the “New Manhattan” with a thriving community of diverse people. Brooklyn is always buzzing with energy and talent all around. It is perfect for those looking for vibrant city life!

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On the other hand, Queens would be a better option if you are looking for a quieter community. Queens has a more suburban vibe with spread-out spaces and plenty of greenery.

Having said that, Queens is the most diverse borough in New York. Being the largest borough, it is also called “The World’s Borough” because of its rich diversity. There are more than 150 languages spoken in Queens, and almost everyone here is bilingual. As such, it is a friendly and warm neighborhood that is very welcoming.

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Brooklyn vs. Queens: Food and Culture

NYC is a rich haven for foodies, no matter where you look. Whether you choose to live in Brooklyn or Queens, you will find a diverse culinary experience.

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Brooklyn is famous for its legendary open-air market, Smorgasburg. It has some of the best food trucks and amazing cocktail bars to take your tastebuds for a ride. Brooklyn is the birthplace of coffee culture, and there are plenty of coffee shops for your morning cup.

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Queens’ stunning range of ethnic diversities also shows up on its dining scene. You get the best international quality food, including authentic meals from around the world. Whether you want Chinese or Greek food, you can have it all in Queens.

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Brooklyn vs. Queens: Views and Attractions

Whether you have been a New Yorker for a while or visiting it for the first time, you will be starstruck at the soaring skylines and unmissable attractions. Both Queens and Brooklyn have some spectacular views to offer. All the neighborhoods bordering the East River give you the best views in the city.

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Living in Brooklyn, you can opt for an apartment in Greenpoint or Williamsburg. Whether or not you live in the top neighborhoods, there are some iconic spots to visit.

There is something for everyone from the beach and boardwalks in Coney Island to finding zen in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Brooklyn is also a shopper’s paradise with the best brand retails and thrift stores. Luna Park and Prospect Park are great spots to hang out and soak in some greenery.

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In Queens, you can find the best views in neighborhoods like Astoria and Long Island City. Queens may be farther away from the main city buzz, but it does offer its fair share of fun and adventure.

Explore art and culture with the Museum of the Moving Image, MoMA PS 1, and Noguchi Museum. Visit the Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Queens Botanical Garden to find greenery.

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Brooklyn vs. Queens: Connectivity

A significant factor in deciding where to live in NYC is the ease of commuting around the city. Your workspace can be a determining factor, irrespective of the Brooklyn vs. Queens debate. If your work is located in Downtown Manhattan, living in Brooklyn is the smart choice. Living in Queens would be better if your job is in Midtown or the Upper East Side.

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Both Queens and Brooklyn are well-connected to other parts of NYC via trains and buses.

If you frequently travel to other states or countries, you may prefer Queens, as it has 2 out of the 3 airports in New York – The John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia. The Long Island Railroad also runs across Queens, so you can reach the lovely shores of the Hamptons in two hours.

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What borough should I live in?

New York City has something for everyone. In the Brooklyn vs. Queens debate, both sides have their wins. Living in Brooklyn may be slightly more expensive, but it gives you an amazing NYC experience.

Living in Queens gives you a more laid-back life that is equally adventurous with diverse cultures. Check this ultimate guide for moving to NYC for tips on budgeting and more!

Whether you opt for Brooklyn or Queens, having roommates can be a great way to save on your rent and living expenses. Explore the Roomi app to connect with young professionals and like-minded people to share your apartment. Find a safe space to talk freely and get the right roomies to live with you in NYC.